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JICSO - your virtual power plant

Jicso is a decentralized platform for energy storage. Now every person or company can store electricity, and also transfer it within the network. The JICSO platform allows you to make profit on the energy traded to stabilize the grid and save money.

Why is it so great?


JICSO stimulates energy storage installations for using it to stabilize the power system. The energy storage used as electricity buffers shaves peaks and power grid fluctuations and stabilizes the frequency. Capacities of the energy storage node are rented by JICSO.


JICSO helps backup generators earn additional income sailing electricity to other platform participants and using the opportunities for mining cryptocurrency. Reserve power plants will receive additional opportunities to sell electricity.


JICSO creates transparent and legitimate mechanisms of converting received rewards from other platform participants into fiat money. It creates the opportunity to conduct cross-border operations and eliminate geographical barriers for participants.


JICSO creates a blockchain protocol for connecting different network participants: energy storage, consumers, miners, brokers, etc. We create a single interface for the rapid creation and convenient management of various types of nodes, as well as for monitoring their work.

Sounds complicated?
Let us explain it to you in 2 simple sentences!

When power consumption is minimal, the extra energy will be stored. This extra energy will go to mining farms and instead of being wasted it becomes profit.

Simple as that!